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    V1 Enclosures

    The Original, available in Driver Side, Passenger Side or Pairs!!


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    V2 Enclosures

    A larger internal volume to better match most 10" inch subs!!


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    TW Enclosures

    Trunkwell enclosures to fit larger 10" and 12 inch subwoofers!!


Welcome to DARKSIDESUBS.com

Here you will find a couple of items made specifically for one of the finest road machines ever built - the Honda S2000.

In 2002 I purchased my S2000 and found the stereo lacking in many ways. Installation of a good headunit and some decent components speakers took care of most of the problems, but there was still the "bass" issue, or lack there of.

At the time there was really only one subwoofer option on the market at the time. I found it to be quite expensive and, more importantly, found that it used up the most convenient storage space of the trunk - the space also required for storing your tire in event of a flat.

This spawned the idea of building my own subwoofer enclosure that would fit in the side-well area of the trunk, leaving the maximum amount of storage space in an already small trunk.

The side mounted sub enclosures are available for both sides of the trunk, and include a new version that works with a larger population of 10" subwoofers.

If you do not see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact me. Additional info, such as the return policy, can be found in our FAQ's!

Thanks for stopping by - William